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This site was created to chronicle and share my genealogy research. It is also a tool for others that are searching for their family members and to see if there is any connection to my family. This is a project that is going to take years to complete. It has been a labor of love, a great deal of fun and quite stimulating.

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Mungeon C. Sapp, Sr. - Minnie Lee Sapp

Posted by Tonya Keitt Kalule

Through I once again located a distant relative, Letitia, who is the gg-grandaughter of Mungeon Sapp, Sr.; descending from his daughter Minnie.  When we connected on, and talked on the phone we didn't think that the connection was this close, but we found the connection. It was really exciting to talk to her. She has no knowledge of the Sapp side of her family, so I was glad to give her some perspective.
Mungeon is a side that I don't have much information on, other than he moved out here along with my g-grandfather, his brother, at the request of another brother, Walter Penn Sapp. So there is an entire line of Sapps out here in California that I know nothing about, but I am still searching.

There is still so much work to do on this side of the family as well as my other side for that matter. Again it is a labor of love and I am determined to see it through.


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