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Infant Sapp in McCoy Cemetery-George

Posted by Tonya Keitt Kalule

While looking through some Georgia documents online, I cam across an African American Cemetery in Jenkins County. As always I decided to look for any Sapp and Perkins, and there were a couple of each, but no names that I recognized, except for Mathew Sapp, but the information didn't match the birth and death date of the Mathew Sapp I knew. I still don't count thing out when there is a date discrepancy. I know Uncle Mac went to live with his daughter in Atlanta after he became really ill. Prior to that he was living with my grandmother Irene, his niece. Even though I can remember the exact date, I know I had to be between 6-10 years old, which would put the date to be between 1967-1970. I remember sitting on the floor at his feet playing jack stones at my grandmother's house. Then I knew he went away, because he was getting sicker. I learned later that he went to live with his only daughter, Norma.

So as I am looking at this McCoy Cemetery document, I am of course making a mental note, and I see where there is an infant Sapp, and I continue down the list. When I look the list over again to make sure that I didn't miss anything, I notice that next to Infant Sapp it said, son of S.T. and Ella Sapp. Well they are my great grandparents. I got extremely excited. There is only one date there instead of two dates of when they were born and when they died. This leads me to believe that this baby was possibly still born or only lived for a few hours. It was at that moment that I remember my grandmother telling me that there was a baby boy that died, and I believe his name was George. This is what my grandmother Irene told me, and now I have proof of him and when he was born and where he is buried.


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